Brad Keselowski running the Ken Block scheme in the Phoenix test

Brad Keselowski honored Ken Block with a special paint Scheme during the Phoenix test. According to the reports Ford’s performance has recently unannounced that all the ford cars will display a unique Ken Block memorial sticker.

Brad Keselowski’s paint scheme was made public one day before the phoenix test. Keselowski commented on how Ken Block was respected in the industry and how he could do cool things. In his comment, he stated,

“Ken Block had a tremendous amount of respect in the industry and outside the industry of motorsports. Outside of the industry, he did really cool things. Whether it was his videos or just his unique style. He brought people into motorsports that knew nothing about it. He was so well known and respected because of that.”

He added that

“Inside the industry, he was the daredevil. He was the cool guy that did all the things, that quite frankly, nobody else had the guts to do, sometimes. He’s really irreplaceable. I’m honored to be able to have this opportunity to make the most of heritage and legacy by honoring Ken with this paint scheme. We want to support him and honor him in any way we can. In some small way, we think this paint scheme does that.”

Ken Block passed away earlier this month following a snowmobile accident. Block was a co-founder of DC Shoes, a champion rally driver, and a motorsports star who created viral moving videos. Brad Keselowski will be paying tribute to Block in the test with a special paint scheme written “BLOCK” above the door.

What does Ken Block scheme mean to Ford Performance?

Phoenix Raceway is the location of a test by NASCAR on 24th – 25th January 2023. This is the first time the cars will touch the tracks in NASCAR 2023 season. This test is to work for short tracks package. To enhance the performance on short tracks, NASCAR intends to test a variety of aerodynamic and package components.

During the first test on 24th January, the Roush Keselowski Fenway Racing gave out their comments on how important the Ken block scheme meant for the Ford cars. They highlighted that Ken Block was a legend, an icon, and inspirational to many and that’s why Keselowski’s car will be having the paint scheme on the car.

He added that

“If you’d like to help carry on Ken Block’s greatest legacy: creating paths of opportunity for the exceptionally driven who may lack the proper support system for growth and success, please consider making a donation at”

According to a recent announcement from Ford Performance, all Ford cars will run a special Ken Block tribute sticker across all racing series.

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