“I’ve reached my peak” Denny Hamlin and Ross Chastain at it Again

Ross Chastain folded the Atlanta race with a second-place finish after a long day at NASCAR’s superspeedway. Chase Elliot emerged as the winner of the day after starting at the pole while Chastain completed the sequence after starting on P2. This is the first time P1 and P2 have finished in the same position they started since the season started.

Atlanta being a superspeedway raceway, aggressiveness was expected, and well, our very own Trackhouse driver was among the aggressive drivers in this race. Despite taking the second-place finish, Chastain didn’t wrap the race without controversy.

In this particular race, Chastain’s bumper saw a rough day as it turned to be a shoving tool. Martin Truex Jr. was the first victim as Chastain bumped him from behind and spun him. The spun collected nine cars leading to Austin Dillon’s hard hit into the wall and he was left disgusted with Chastain’s racing skills.

Aric Almirola was also among the drivers who were agitated by Chastain’s aggressiveness that he promised to seek vengeance in the upcoming race.

Ross Chastain and Denny Hamlin Wreck

Chastain has been finding himself on the wrong side of 23XI boss Denny Hamlin, during Sunday’s event, Chastain got loose in Turns three and four and found himself in the left rear panel of Denny Hamlin.

Following the contact, Denny who was a top contender was left spinning and furious. Even though he didn’t incur serious injuries during the incident, Hamlin still got caught up in another mess. By shoving Hamlin’s rear left, Chastain peeled scabs from a healing wound following last month’s same mistake.

Last month at the World Wide Technology Chastain wrecked Hamlin but went ahead and took full responsibility for what happened and Hamlin was cool. However, this time around, Hamlin didn’t have kind words for the No.1 Chevrolet driver as he sent a harsh warning.

In a post-race interview in regard to the spinning incident, Hamlin said,

“Everyone has their different tolerance levels, certainly … I’ve reached my peak.”

In his defense, Chastain tried to explain the situation citing that he miscalculated the speed of his car in a mid-corner with the damages to his car.

Chastain has already owned up to his mistakes and taken full responsibility for the incident, in addition, he has also stated that he will try to explain the situation to Denny Hamlin to avoid bad blood between the two.

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