Latrell Sprewell Bio, Career, Net Worth, Affair, Siblings, Awards, and Kids

Latrell Sprewell Facts

Full NameLatrell Fontaine Sprewell
Born8 September 1970 (52 years)
Height6 ft 5 in (1.96m)
Weight195ln (88kg)


Who is Latrell Sprewell?

Latrell Sprewell is an American former basketball star. He played for the Golden State Warrior, the New York Knicks, as well as National Basketball Association (NBA). He was well known more for his off-court antic than his basketball skill in the 1990s. Latrell began his career late but he quickly rose through the ranks to become a top-notched player.

How was the Journey of Latrell Sprewell to His Career?

Latrell Sprewell was born in 1970 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His family moved from Milwaukee to Flint Michigan. During his sophomore in high school, his parents, Pamela Sprewell and Latoska Field separated and moved back to Milwaukee with his mother. Furthermore, It wasn’t until his senior year of high school that the future NBA All-Star began to take the game seriously. The basketball coach at Washington High, James Gordon, saw Latrell in the hallway and invited him to try out for the team. Latrell made the team even without any experience playing in a system and ended up averaging 28 points per game. Moreover, he was not highly recruited due to his lack of experience, he enrolled at Three Rivers Junior College where he spent two years there developing his game. Latrell transferred to Alabama and established himself as a hard worker and defensive stopper.

Latrell was selected 24th overall in the 1992 NBA draft by the Golden State Warriors. He was nicknamed “Spree” and made an immediate impact by starting 69 of the 77 games he played in during his rookie season as well as averaging 15.4 points per game. Latrell’s first season was a success, and his second season established him as a prime-time player. He carried the team all through the season as a number of his teammates were injured. During the All-Star break, he helped lead the Warriors in scoring with 22 points per game and led the NBA in minutes played per game with 44.8. But besides not being named to the All-Star team, Western Conference coaches were so positive of the second-year player that he was named as a reserve for the game. Furthermore, he finished the season with a season average of 21 points, 4.9 rebounds, 4.7 assists, and 2.2 steals. Latrell was named to the All-NBA First Team at the age of 23.

Latrell Sprewell bio
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The 1994-1995 season was a pivotal event in Latrell’s career. Billy Owens and Chris Webber, both close friends of Latrell, were traded by the Warriors. The team had made their third-year guard the focal point of their program. Sprewell’s third NBA season also marked the first time he was in the public eye for an incident unrelated to basketball. Page Latrell was bitten several times in the face and ears by one of Latrell’s Pitbulls. “That stuff happens,” Latrell later told a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle. Despite the off-court distraction, Latrell had another successful season.  He began the 1995-1996 season with much of the previous year’s controversy behind him. Don Nelson, his former coach, and general manager with whom he had a falling out, had left. Furthermore, he led his team in scoring, steals, and minutes played once more, but the Warriors failed to make the playoffs, and the team’s star guard was unable to attend the All-Star game. Despite his sometimes petulant behavior with coaches and teammates, management was confident enough in Latrell to sign him to a massive new contract, a four-year, $32 million deal. His performance in 1996-1997 appeared to justify the team’s decision. He finished fifth in the league in scoring, averaging 24.2 points per game, and scoring in double figures in 78 of his 80 games.

Latrell’s image was not improved when he was arrested three days before the arbitration decision for reckless driving following a car accident that injured two people. He was fined $1,000 and sentenced to three months of home detention and two years probation in an out-of-court settlement. Despite publicly apologizing to fans and supporters for his behavior, Latrell refused to let the matter go. Moreover, he sued the NBA for antitrust and civil rights violations, suing for $30 million; however, the suit was dismissed by a federal judge in July 1998.

Awards and Accomplishments that Latrell Archived.

1992-Named All-Southeastern Conference; twenty-fourth overall pick in the National Basketball Association (NBA) draft by the Golden State Warriors

1993- Named NBA All-Rookie Second Team

1994- Named All NBA First Team and All

1994-1995- Defensive Second Team

1997- Named NBA All-Star

Latrell Sprewell’s Career Highlights

  •  1992-97 -Golden State Warriors, guard.
  • 1997-1998- waived by the Warriors and suspended.
  • 1999- traded to the New York Knicks


Did Latrell Sprewell Have Kinds?

Yes, Latrell has three kids; Jarett Sprewell, Tiffany Sprewell, and Tyree Sprewell.

Is Latrell Sprewell Married?

According to various sources, Latrell is not married now. However, he was previously married to his Ex-Wife Candice Cabbil.

Who were the Parents of Latrell Sprewell?

Pamela Sprewell and Latoska Field were the parents of Latrell Sprewell but later they divorced when he was a sophomore in high school.

What is the Net Worth of Latrell Sprewell?

Latrell has an approximately $150,000

Did Latrell Sprewell have Siblings?

Yes, Latrell has three siblings; Jarvis McCrary, Poinciana Sprewell, and Terran Sprewell.



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